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As one of the Kenya’s largest interior design and furniture retailers you can be sure that Housemark is your one stop shop for achieving great home style. We showcase all the latest interior design and furniture trends and styles, featuring various home staples and more.

Discover the handsomely handcrafted style of the Housemark collection. Intricate design work showcases an artistic eye to . We offer the best wrought iron and wood furniture exquisitely crafted inexpensive and of good quality. We have dedicated this store to bringing the experience alive for collectors and furniture shoppers everywhere. You can easily find preferred products of your choice by selecting from our wide selection categories that you would like to browse. We have the best furniture to suit your lifestyle...


Q.ty: 100

Erica 5-Level Shelf Unit, Walnut 40 000,00 KES each She-Erica
Q.ty: 36

Sunburst Wall Mirror, Antiqued Gold 12 000,00 KES each Mir-Sunburst
Q.ty: 25

Brenda Bed, Queen, Walnut 50 000,00 KES each Bed-Brenda
Boit 2-Door Wardrobe, Walnut 30 000,00 KES each War-Boit
Carol Dressing Table, Walnut 25 000,00 KES each Dress-Carol
Banana Metal Dining Chair, Upholstered and Turquoise 7 000,00 KES each Cha-Banana
Q.ty: 100

Rocky Upholstered Rocking Chair, Beige 30 000,00 KES each Chr-Rocky
Q.ty: 30

Mbuko Iron Stand in Rustic & Light Oak Finish 15 000,00 KES each She-Mbuko